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Living History now offers a visit aimed specifically at older students and particularly those studying at GCSE and 'A' level who wish to gain a more detailed insight into the life and times of Elizabeth I.


Titled 'An Audience with Queen Elizabeth I' the students are ushered into a meeting with the Queen in her private apartments where they are at liberty, provided they observe the correct decorum, to make enquiries of the Queen on any aspects of her reign and to gain an insight into not only the facts but also the thinking and feelings behind any particular event or occurrence. Prior to the audience the students will meet two of the Queen's courtiers who will give them a brief background into the importance of Court during the Golden Age as well as schooling them on the level of behaviour required to be shown by those attending Her Majesty. Whilst we welcome spontaneous questions that may be raised if none are forthcoming the characters will look at various issues including; the importance of the Court, relations with Spain in general and the Armada in particular, the role of privateers & explorers, poverty, religion, relations with Mary Queen of Scots and the succession in general.


All the interpreters are trained historians with a wealth of experience gained working at many important historical sites both in London and throughout the country.

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   The programme lasts for two hours. Outside of this you are free stay at Hatfield Park for as long as you wish.


                                          THE PROGRAMME CAN BE EASILY ADAPTED TO BE TAKEN INTO SCHOOLS  

                                               IT IS ALSO AVAILABLE AS A PRIVATE EXTRA-CURRICULAR RESOURCE


                                                       For further details please contact Gary Fisher via telephone or e mail.

An Audience with Queen Elizabeth I

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